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  • Finals Prep

    My last jazz jury ended a week ago, and I am not planning on returning to music school.   It was by far my best performance at a jury, yet I prepared…

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  • Expanding exercises

    Did my best today.   30 Minutes long tones 20 Minutes flute 20 Minutes scales 1 Hour tunes/improv   I started early in the morning with long tones on sax. Moving slowly…

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  • Stylistic Subtleties

    Fairy productive day, with some unexpected turns.   45 Minutes Green Dolphin St. 15 Minutes flute 20 Minutes scale workout 45 Minutes Tunes 30 Minute hip hop practice   In the morning…

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  • More Writing

    At 8:30 I started long tones on sax. I noticed that I have a tendency to overblow slightly, which can distort my sound and cause other issues. So I focused on reigning…

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